Solar Power

With solar power, you’ll be able to reduce your power bill as well as track and monitor your energy usage, providing you with a solid investment for the future. It’s no wonder more and more West Australians are choosing solar.


How can solar reduce my power bill?

A solar inverter installation in your home, can help you reduce your power bill in many ways. At White Horse Antennas, we rely on Enphase Energy Systems for our customer’s solar power needs. ENPHASE ENERGY SYSTEMS are an important part of our business, having installed over 1500 various systems throughout the Rockingham and Baldivis region. As an innovative, local electrical business, our approach has always been to source and install the world’s best components for our client’s homes. With thanks to our advanced solar inverter installation services, having solar power in your home through our Enphase Energy Systems, will help save money in your wallet and the future of the planet, at the same time.

Monitor your usage

At White Horse, we recommend doing your research. It is best to understand exactly how much power you use and when, before you build or install a solar power plant for your home or business. Firstly, we suggest you monitor the size and time of your electricity consumption for one month. By doing this, it will give you a better understanding of peak times, days and if there are any patterns noticeable within your homes power usage. Here’s a look at a live system.

With the Power Tracker online monitoring system you and White Horse Electrical can record and assess your ability to use the free power from the sun. Thereby not over or under sizing your investment.

Installing the right solar power system

With an ENPHASE micro inverter solar power system each module is monitored, so you will always know how it is performing. At White Horse, we use popular German SolarWorld modules, or LG and Suntech modules. Micro inverters have many benefits. Some of these include;

  • If one module is shaded or fails, the rest of your system goes on performing 100%.
  • Micro inverters can perform up to 16% higher yields than the best string inverters.
  • They also have a 15-year warranty to match the life of quality modules.
  • Micro inverters are the future of solar power.

Our micro inverters allow you to view your power consumption online in real time, as the varying seasons deliver power throughout the day, this will help you decide when to turn things on or not.

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